You love wine. You love dogs. You’ll love this prize.

Published by Tamara Harrison - 13th May 2019

Dogs have always held a special place in the hearts of humans. Their role in relation to people was originally practical until the 18th century when the term “man’s best friend” came into play. The demand for their working role isn’t as common these days, but their importance at home has certainly increased. As pets, companions or service dogs, these four-legged friends significantly enhance the human lives they’re a part of, particularly our Naked Wines winemakers!

We think it’s time to acknowledge a few of Naked’s wine dogs and what better way to do so, than with a giveaway with our friends over at Pet Circle?!?


One lucky winner will receive:

  • A case of Naked wines dedicated to Naked’s amazing wine dogs
  • An assortment of Pet Circle toys and treats
  • A $50 Pet Circle voucher

Total prize value is:


For your chance to win, head to our FacebookInstagram or Twitter pages, and tell us which Naked Wine Dog is your favourite and why in the comments section of each competition post (we’ve included some dog-bios below to help you decide!).

Enter as many times as you like, and don’t forget to tag your wine + dog-loving friends too! Make sure you’re following Naked Wines & Pet Circle on our social channels, as this is where the winner will be announced.

P.S. Angels, if you’re not on social media, no worries! Just enter by posting in the “Wine Dog” group on the Naked Wines website.


Billie & Coco from Chateau Coco

Billie is a cheeky two and a half-year-old who can be mischievous if bored and is incredibly sweet and loving. He enjoys chasing balls and is a sucker for a tummy rub. Devoted to winemaker Judy Kelly, unless when she’s away then it’s Glen Kelly (the other food machine)!

Coco is Judy & Glen Kelly’s “firstborn” he’s an absolute sook who is totally devoted them. He is their constant shadow, a very handsome and adored dog. He’s very well behaved except when he refuses to bring balls back when playing fetch…

Angas from Engine Room

Dogs can smell 40 times better than humans, so who else would winemaker Hamish Maguire rely on to ensure that the grapes are at their optimal ripeness and ready to pick other than Angas, his Kelpie Labrador X. Hamish reckon he’s done a great job so far, and hopefully anyone who’s tasted Engine Room wines would heartily agree. Thanks, Angas!


Monty from Dreambird

Monty is winemaker Kym Carr’s right-hand man-in-a-dog-suit, who loves grapes and climbing catwalks in the winery.  He keeps her company on the long drives to the vineyards and makes sure no lunch crumbs are left in the car when they are on the road. He sniffs out the snakes in the vineyard, eats the grape samples and loves other dogs so much his nickname is “Mounty”!


Polly from Boots & All

Polly is winemakers Cathy & Neil Howard’s number one ‘meet and greet’ team member when Angels visit their Cellar Door. She’s an enthusiastic, bubbly, smiling 5-year-old black Kelpie.

Polly loves picking up grapes that pop out of the crusher or the basket press, goes riding with them in the ute, tractor, and truck, and gets a little over-excited whenever the farm bike starts up as that means sheep work! She also doesn’t mind having her photo taken, which is a HUGE bonus for being able to bring her story and her wine dog life to everyone. She has a larger than life character who makes our lives so much richer for having her with us.


Flynn from Dunnolly Estate

Flynn is an important part of the team over at Dunnolly. His main role (which he excels at) is to chase birds, which is very handy during the lead up to vintage. 

He’s a typical Irish Setter, very easily distracted and to be honest doesn’t listen to any of many commands unless food is available.  He’ll be 9 years old in June and has just started to slow down… Flynn lives in Marlborough with Nicky but loves visiting Peter in Waipara whenever possible, mainly because of the bird population and the lovely dam where he likes to swim.  Flynn avoids the winery as strange as that might sound, he is really scared of the big tanks and the noise of the pumps. Flynn is firmly winemaker Nicky Parish best friends and a wonderful wine dog.


Barnacle from Made By Mobbs

Barnacle brightens everyone’s day. No matter what sort of day winemaker Steve Mobbs is having he is always there to put a smile on his face. From morning to night he is by Steve’s side and is truly a best friend. His favourite thing to do in a winery is to play ‘Bung Fetch’. Made by Mobbs should be Made by Mobbs and Barnacle. 


Happy voting and good luck everyone!



  • Entry is open to anyone above the age of 18
  • Employees, immediate family members of employees, employees of any company associated with the Promotion are ineligible to enter


  • The Promotion commences on 08:00 15/05/2019 and entries close on 00:00 27/05/2019.
  • To enter, Eligible Entrants must tell us which Naked Wine Dog is their favourite and why in the comments section of our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Wine Dog Group competition post during the Promotion Period.

    Instagram entries must also follow @NakedWinesAus and @PetCircle, as well as tag their dog-loving friends.

    Facebook entries must also like @Nakedwinesaus & @PetCircle.aus, as well as comment who their dog-loving friends are.

    Twitter entries must also retweet.

Prizes and winning

  • The winner will be announced 17:00 29/05/2019 online
  • The winners will receive:
    From Naked:
    A 12 case of Naked wines with wines chosen from vineyards with popular wine dogs. $287.88

    From Pet Circle:
    Prize pack totaling $287.88 in retail value. It includes an assortment of toys and treats and a $50 voucher

    The total prize value equals $575.76

Prize conditions

  • Winner will be notified by social media/email within two (2) business days of the draw. The winner will have their social media details published on Naked Wines and Pet Circle Social media channels and website on 29/05/2019
  • If there are any unclaimed or un-awarded prizes a prize draw will be conducted on 10/09/2019 13:00 at the same time and place as the original draw. If a winner is drawn they will be contacted in writing within two (2) business days and will have their name published (insert publication, website or URL) 11/09/2019 13:00.

If instant win/predetermined lottery

  • Printing and other quality control errors will not invalidate an otherwise valid prize claim. Unless otherwise due to fraud or ineligibility under these Terms and Conditions, all prize claims in excess of the advertised prize pool will be honoured. Instant win game materials void if stolen, forged, mutilated or tampered with in any way
  • All prizes from the advertised total prize pool will be distributed within 1 week of the winner announcement
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The prizes are not redeemable for cash.