Working from Home – The Naked Truth

Published by Tamara Harrison - 3rd Sep 2021

Love it or hate it, working from home is the new normal for many of us. 

It has plenty of upsides – less commuting, it’s easier to juggle pick-ups and drop-offs (if you are lucky enough to not be home-schooling) and you can squeeze in the odd load of laundry between meetings and tasks. 
On the other hand, it can be really hard to get started, stay focused and switch off at the end of the day.  

Never fear! Naked Wines has partnered up with an innovative Aussie company, LH Agenda and we’ve got your back!  We’re giving away the Ultimate Work from Home package valued at $300.

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Whilst we compile your top tips, here are some we’ve picked up so far:

  1. Move your body!
    Commuting no further than the bedroom to the home office, kitchen or lounge takes a terrible toll on your daily step count. So try plan some time each day for exercise, take regular breaks to get up and go for a quick walk around the block or even the house. Identify which meetings you might be able to do whilst on the move and consider a standing desk to avoid sitting all day. These little things add up to a make a big difference in how you feel.  
  1. Connect.
    It’s possible to go days without talking to anyone about anything except work – particularly if you live alone. Commit to calling a friend or family member every few days to talk about non-work topics and give you some mental breathing space.  Buddy-up with someone to hold you accountable especially if you’re not good at remembering yourself.
  1. Take time to reflect.
    The hours, days and weeks begin to blur together so book some time for yourself at the end of each week to reflect on what you’ve achieved, what did and didn’t work, and what you’ve got planned for the week ahead… This is best done, with a glass of wine in hand! 

Who is LH Agenda?

LH Agenda is an online community and stationery brand created to empower the leaders of tomorrow. LH Agenda self-coaching journals, planners, meeting notebooks, and office essentials encourage leadership, goal-kicking, passion and motivation, with elegant designs that can all be personalised.
All LH Agenda products are designed to help you shape daily success habits so you can reach your full potential and make your mark on the world. 

Founder, Kasia Gospos, has been a Naked Angel for many years and has the time to chat with Naked’s Strategic Growth Manager, Nicole Stallard.

Kasia, what motivated you to start LH Agenda?

LH Agenda offers the kind of resources I wish I had back when I started my career. I had my first corporate job in Poland, before moving to Australia and working as a management accountant in the mining industry. One day, a female colleague came to me. She was disappointed that she didn’t get a role that was available in our department. When I asked her what our boss said when she asked him for the role, she said she’d never asked. She was a woman, a friend and a colleague who deserved the role more than anyone else, but she’d hoped her hard work would be recognised without her saying a word.

I decided I wanted to inspire and empower women and show them that they can create the lives and careers they truly love. I wanted to help them shape daily success habits enabling them to reach their full potential and make their mark on the world, on their own terms. LH Agenda started as a blog and is now an award-winning stationery and online community.

I’m personally a customer of yours and I absolutely love opening a new page on my notebook each day to find inspiration in the phrase or the artwork on each page – each one is different.  Do you have a favourite?

My favourite is our top-selling Phenomenal Woman planner. It is full of inspiration and quotes from powerful, successful women and it makes me feel like a superwoman every day. It reminds me to cherish my passions, take risks and never give up, and the importance of self-care. It is a place where I can dump, reorganise and plan all my neverending ideas and to-do lists. And I love the end-of-the-week review – over a glass of wine of course!

What’s your favourite Naked Wine to settle back with and relax or celebrate?

During colder months, I love all the full-bodied, earthy shiraz and cab sav, and during summer, oaky chardonnay with seafood. I could never remember the names of the wines until I started using your super-useful Naked Wines app, and now I can see that my top-rated are DRG Daryl Groom Barossa Shiraz 2019, and Four Man and a Shed Shiraz 2019. But pretty much all the wines I have tried from Naked have been top class.

Naked Angels! Time to treat yourself! 

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