Working From Home – The Naked Truth Continued.

Published by Tamara Harrison - 1st Oct 2021

Thank you to all that entered our Working from Home giveaway. LH Agenda and Naked wines are thrilled to announce the winner is Nicole F from NSW, Congratulations Nicole.

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From the physical to the philosophical, the team at Naked Wine and LH Agenda have been so inspired by the actionable tips and perspective you shared with us through this giveaway that we felt compelled to share it back.

Of course, not everyone is working from home right now – there are many roles that carry on outside the home, but are still impacted by the change of circumstances of others around them. So below are 7 of the tips we found to be helpful when keeping motivated in these circumstances.

7 Themes to help get started and stay motivated.

  1. Create the Space
    Designating a place for work at home helps demarcate a work, life balance.
    This means having a place to go where their mind, (their partners, kids and pets) understand that it is time to focus on work.
    Conversely, when they are not there, it’s time to have a break, some fun, relax or allow themselves to be distracted.
    Remember, homes were never designed for working. So take the time to think about what will make you comfortable, effective and happy in your work from home space. But don’t forget about the good news… it really is all about you!
    If you like music, play the tunes! If you like quiet, set yourself up in a way that blocks out noise (…as much as you can.) and remember you don’t have to clear everything with your co-workers first.
  1. Have a Routine
    Routine was a clear theme for what’s working for people, working from home at the moment. There were two types of routines that came up:
    The first was maintaining elements of the “going to work” routine, even when it is currently all from the one space. Get up, exercise or not, have a shower and ‘get dressed for work.’ This seems to help people get into it is a work day mindset, helping them start the day off right.
    The second was, embracing a new routine. Enabling them to adopt and adapt to their new lifestyle. Claiming back this commute time for themselves or even starting dinner prep early, freeing up the evenings for a bit more fun.
    Either way, having structure to your day helps to get things underway and keep on track.

  2. To Do…
    There was a lot of list lovers in our respondents! Who doesn’t love crossing things off? Whether it is in Asana, or on your LH Agenda ‘Make Your Mark’ notebook, a list can help you feel directed, less overwhelmed and it’s a great feeling to know you have achieved something. Which brings me to the next theme….

  3. Plan Rewards Large and Small
    Give yourself some appreciation. At the end of particularly chunky piece of work, the end of the day, the end of the week or even further out… something to anchor on and look forward to is a powerful driver for most. Top incentives for smaller goals included chocolate, coffee, playtime with kids, dogs and cats and of course… wine!
    For larger milestones, zoom parties and the ultimate getaway, when we finally can.

  4. Take Breaks!
    For some people, it’s easy to get absorbed in what you are doing and forget to move when there are no visual clues around, especially when there aren’t other people around you. So scheduling regular breaks is important, this helps to reset and refresh. Some examples playing with their kids, cuddling their dog, going for short walks, sitting outside or having a dance party whilst waiting for the kettle to boil!

  5. Practise Gratitude
    Shifting our thoughts consciously from things that are bothering us to what we are grateful for has a powerful impact on how we feel. Our respondents were motivated and inspired by gratitude toward their partners, friends, family, colleagues and work teams. Which brought on a sense of relative wellness, when compared to people in other places who may have different circumstances.
  6. Give Back
    Several people shared with us, that by focusing on how they achieving their day-to-day – either through their actual roles or how they approach their work, helped others to adjust, stay connected and safe and cope better, motivated them to keep going too.
    By adopting an attitude of service, they are inspired to do what they need to do.

Happy Shopping,


The Naked Crew