Why is Pinot Noir a more expensive wine to purchase?

Published by Tamara Harrison - 20th Dec 2019

Winemaker Peter Parish from Dunnolly Estate is here to chat about the grape variety Pinot Noir and how it’s grown in their vineyard.

The reason behind Pinot Noir generally being a more expensive wine to purchase is that viticulturists want to maximize the virtues of a truly magnificent grape.

At Dunnolly Estate, we follow that tradition by shoot thinning our vines just after flowering, the benefits of this include:
• To reduce crop levels
• To allow for greater wind flow – by keeping the inner canopy dry.
• To prevent diseases such as powdery mildew and botrytis.
• Removing excess leaves to allow more sunlight which optimise photosynthesis.

By reducing the crop at this early stage, it allows the grapevine to build flavours and take the specific features of our terroir. The work of Shoot Thinning translates to not only to the cost of production but enable the grapes to maximize their finesse.

Do enjoy our Dunnolly Estate hand-tended wines.