Who is Geoff Thompson & why is he Naked?

Published by Nicole Russell - 3rd May 2016

Who is Geoff Thompson & why is he Naked?

Meet Geoff Thompson…

  • The winemaker from South Australia
  • Over 14 years of experience
  •  An impressive pedigree of Gold medals and Trophies

And most importantly, we’re lucky enough to have him as one of our Naked winemakers!
He loves everything about winemaking, the vineyard, winemaking process, the people and food. It’s his passion!

Geoff fell in love with wine while hot air ballooning over winemaking regions in his early 20’s.
Geoff worked his way through to the position of Senior Winemaker with a large producer enjoying the experience of working with super premium fruit!
We absolutely love his wines because of the broad range of varieties and regions that he works across enabling him to offer the Angels wines from the great value South Australia region through to super premium single vineyard wines from premium growing regions.

His label for Naked is Lodestar and he consistently is receiving an average 90% rating on his wines!
With over 14,941 ratings and 2,642 followers, we love having Geoff on board…
Check out his brand new wine – a McLaren Vale GSM – oh and it’s also the free bottle for May!