What it’s like working in the vineyard during Harvest

Published by Tamara Harrison - 16th Apr 2017

G’day Angels, winemaker Jen Pfeiffer here!

Vintage is certainly a team effort over in our Rutherglen vineyard, and I’d like you to meet some of the team who make it all happen here!

I’m going to introduce you to each of our 2019 vintage interns, who have chosen to come here to further their experience and knowledge.

First up is Llorenç
Llorenç has come here from Catalonia, Spain. He is a qualified winemaker and has done vintages in America and Spain. 
Round here we say that Llorenç has many jobs… he is the King of the Crusher and the Prince of the Big Press, always involved in those jobs. He helps with the pump overs, plunging, many wine movements and is a gun barrel filler!
Llorenç has a lovely smile and it always brightens my day to see it while he’s plugging away at his work.

Here’s a minute with Llorenç for you to get know him better too!

Now it’s time to say g’day to Emma

Emma has been studying oenology (winemaking) at Adelaide University, but originally is from Vancouver Island, Canada. 

This is Emma’s second stint here at Pfeiffer’s, coming over last summer to help out, but it is her first full vintage anywhere.

I’m thrilled to see how much Emma has enjoyed throwing herself into all aspects of her work and learning heaps along the way! 

Emma is the maestro of the Small Press, my go-to girl for the filter, a pump over specialist, and all-around great help in the cellar.

Emma is a kind and thoughtful person, and has been a wonderful addition to our vintage team… thank you, Emma!

It’s time to introduce you to Jessica from Portugal! 

Jess is an aspiring winemaker, who works for Taylor’s Port (with whom I did my first vintage in Portugal), alongside a great mentor of mine, David Guimeraens. 

Jess is a strong and confident young woman, who brings loads of positive energy and enthusiasm to the vintage team, and has earned the nickname “Mum”, as she’s always trying to tell us what to do (even me!).

Jess has been a pocket rocket in the laboratory, monitoring the ferments from start to finish, observing the chemical changes in the wine on a daily basis.

She also has been a terrific help in the cellar, involved in just about everything including crushing operations, pumping over the red ferments, wine movements (Jess helped blend my 2019 Hero Pinot Grigio) and of course her beloved foot treading! 

Thank you Jess for your contribution to the success of our vintage. 

In the last of my “meet the team” videos, I’d like you to say g’day to my fellow rocking redhead Callum.

Callum has a Chemistry background and is just about to complete his postgraduate degree in oenology (winemaking) at Adelaide University.

Callum has had a hybrid role here at Pfeiffer’s, in both the laboratory and the cellar. He has mastered the flotation of our white wines, has been a big help with all the plunging and pumping over of our reds, made many of the wine movements and was the master of testing all the alcohols in the lab!

Congratulations on your soon to be graduation Callum, thank you for your contribution to the vintage and don’t ever stop rocking it like a redhead!

Thanks for introducing us to your 2019 interns, Jen!


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