What is biodynamic soil spray?

Published by Tamara Harrison - 28th Oct 2019

Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition. The principles and practices of biodynamics can be applied anywhere food is grown as long as there is thoughtful consideration of quantity, location, weather conditions, and culture, such as in the vineyard.

Winemaker  Derek Hooper from Obelisk Wines participates in biodynamics. One of his practices includes using biodynamic soil spray. Keep on reading to hear Derek talk all about it.

Factor 500 is the original biodynamic soil spray made from fresh cow manure that has been buried in cow horns over winter. It is a powerful soil activator helping root development and growth of the plant as well as humus formation in the soil.

What is the magic of the cow horns?

The cow horns act as a vessel for the manure. I believe the rich humus that develops from the cow horn is in direct relation to the composition of the horn itself! Biodynamic farmers over the years have tried several other vessels such as earthenware pots and glass and there is nothing that even comes close. What we are aiming for in the use of 500 is to activate the soil and stimulate soil biology.

The benefits of 500 include:

  • It is a powerful means for structuring the soil
  • It stimulates soil microbial activity of the soil and the production of humus
  • It regulates the pH balance of the soil
  • It stimulates seed germination and root development, in particular, vertical growth, increasing depth of root systems
  • It improves the development of leguminous plants and nodule formation
  • It helps dissolve minerals even in deep layers and can help counteract excessive salt levels.

The Flowform in the video enables still water to be returned to nature (so to speak) while still in a captured condition, by running the water through Flowform cascades which are designed entirely from nature’s own best methods for oxygenating, polishing and energetically treating water.

The Flowform mixes the 500 into a sprayable form and activates the liquid biodynamic preparation. The moon is opposite Saturn on the biodynamic calendar towards the end of October, which is the perfect time to spray the vineyard. This application happens twice a year.


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