What is a Naked Blog?!

Published by Nicole Russell - 3rd May 2016

Welcome to the Naked blog… the place where we share with you incredible stories from some of the winemakers, stories from Naked HQ staff & both internal and industry updates from Poll, our wine guy and Greg our Naked Chief!

So, who are Naked Wines?
Naked Wines exists to empower winemakers and connect them directly to the people who enjoy drinking quality wine, without the top-shelf price tag.

We are a customer-funded business with just under 50,000 wine drinking Angels who found a smarter way to enjoy awesome wine made by hard-working independent winemakers!
By funding winemakers upfront Naked can remove a huge chunk of cost in the bottle of wine that customers pay for, but can’t taste. Meaning they get a great price. It also means the winemakers can secure the best fruit, use the best oak and give the wine the love and care it needs to taste delicious. Meaning they get a great tasting wine.

Did you know the Australian wine industry is broken?!
The Australian wine industry is controlled by a massive duopoly. The two big supermarkets have 77% of the market. The only way to fight a goliath is to come together as one….
… Queue 49,000+ customers who are making a stand by signing up to be an Angel with Naked Wines.

We’ll have loads of fun along the way
Another problem with the wine industry is that it takes itself way too seriously. We believe that all you need is a glass and some good friends to enjoy our wines – no pretension required. So grab a glass of wine, kick back and enjoy the reading!

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