We put 6 questions to a born and bred Bordeaux Angel!

Published by Tamara Harrison - 6th May 2019

Meet Naked Wines Angel Lucas Paco Valerdi who was born and raised in Bordeaux, France. With a French background, wine has always been a part of his cultural landscape, whether it be spending time working in wine chateaux or simply enjoying wine with friends and family over dinner. Lucas cooks every day and it doesn’t matter if it’s just for himself or for a group of twenty, there’s always a delicious Naked wine bottle on the table. His love for wine has allowed him to travel to Spain, Italy, California and now Australia!

As an Angel with such a strong wine background, we thought it would be silly not to pick his brain about what thinks of Naked Wines.

What do you love most about Naked Wines?

I like the idea of a company helping independent winemakers to create good wines for wine enthusiasts. The angel system is great as it involves customers in a cause and process and allows them to have a closer relationship to the wine they drink. I come from Bordeaux in France, wine is a big part of my culture and it is a pleasure to be able to drink quality wine when I’m so far away from home.

Can you tell us about your most memorable Angel experience?

When my first box arrived I was surprised as there were no cork bottles. But I didn’t want to be too much of an arrogant French cork snob so I tried a Pinot Noir which revealed itself to be one of the best Pinot I’ve ever had. That day both my friends and I, all raised in Europe with cork bottles changed our mind on screw-on lids. Never judge a bottle before you drink it.

What’s a Naked winemaker story that has resonated really well with you and why?

I like the story of Adrian and Rebecca Santolin from Boy Meets Girl probably because it resonates with my romantic side. Also because it is a serious dream they have been working on and not only they succeeded at becoming winemakers but their wine is excellent. A whole lot of love.

Who’s your favourite Naked winemaker and why?

Anna and Derek Hooper who work with nature in a sustainable way. I personally find it important to remember where our wine comes from. It is easy to forget once it becomes an open bottle on the table that there was a whole process behind it. We are drinking the work of people but also nature and when winemakers respect their land, grapes and what surrounds them you can always taste it in your glass.

Do you have a favourite Naked wine?

I do not! I haven’t tried them all yet! But I have particularly enjoyed the Montepulciano/Cabernet from El Toro Castrado. Allow it to breathe and it will reveal itself to be robust but yet well balanced. I had it with a delicious Italian dinner and two bottles went down in no time.

Which Naked wine is on your wish list and why?

The Diamond Shiraz by Jen Pfeiffer as I have enjoyed The Rebel Shiraz from her and I’d be curious to taste another version of her work with these grapes. I like a full-bodied wine and it has already convinced a lot of wine enthusiasts so I ought to try it.

Thanks for chatting with us, Lucas!


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