The Ultimate Naked Night In

Published by Tamara Harrison - 11th Oct 2021

Are you Itching to see the world again? Or looking to add some flavour to movie night? 

At Naked Wines, we think movies and food go hand in hand, especially when partnered with SBS on demand. 

Together we’ve curated a trio of world movies, each with its own recipe match and ultimate accompanying wine, all of which can be enjoyed right in your own lounge room.

Your mission – cook, eat, sip and enjoy. 

The trio of world movies can be found below, so click through for your detailed movie notes, recipe links and the perfect wine recommendations. 

When dinner is ready, crack open a bottle, download the free SBS on-demand app and settle in for a feast for the senses!

Mostly Martha 

Matched with homemade gnocchi and cheeky Italian-inspired varietals

‘Mostly Martha’, an SBS world movie in which the traditional French chef Martha, learns that Italian food like gnocchi takes time and gentleness to create the perfect silky, delectable result (much like great wine.) Following a storyline of loss, grief and building new relationships, this gentle romantic comedy will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

I am Love 

Matched with Russian fish soup and a delicious organic Rosé or crisp Great Southern Chardonnay. 

Starring Tilda Swinton as Emma, a Russian woman who was living the perfect life in Milan, Italy. Suddenly takes a turn when she is introduced to a new restaurant and its talented chef …. her grown-up son’s best mate. Talk about awkward encounters. Set yourself up with that rosé or chardonnay for this melodramatic Italian comedy.  

I am Love


Introduces you to the tastes of Morrocco. Paired with a light and bright Tempranillo or zesty Riesling.  

We take you on a cinematic journey through the lush mountains of Morocco. Where our hero, Elias learns to cook alongside his grandmother to the bustle of the Parisian restaurant scene.  It’s a story that highlights the real plight of immigrants around the world but ultimately, champions humanity to leave you feeling … hopeful!    

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