Altschwager & Kenneally: The courageous dream team!

Published by Tamara Harrison - 30th May 2019

In just over four years Altschwager & Kenneally wines have racked up a seriously loyal Naked following.

4 Friends, 3 Regions, 2 Countries, and 1 Courageous Dream!

Two married couples with serious Aussie and Kiwi street cred have created an awe-inspiring winemaking collective.

It was their united desire to break free from the shackles of corporate winemaking, to branch out on their own and to get Naked, that led Gus & Swan Altschwager and Mark & Emma Kenneally to launch their exciting wine odyssey in 2014: Tapi from Marlborough in New Zealand.

Fast forward to now and the Tapi range is one of the most eagerly anticipated releases on the annual Naked calendar.

Things got really interesting, really fast!

First, Mark & Emma moved back home to McLaren Vale and bought their first ever vineyard. Then, Gus let us know that he’d always had a burning desire to make a premium range of wine using the sensational fruit right next door to his parents’ Mount Gambier farm in the rugged Limestone Coast of South Australia.

They had a grand vision and suddenly… it was getting real!

Now, Marlborough in N.Z. and McLaren Vale and Mount Gambier in S.A. are distinctly different premium wine-growing regions separated by vast distances, but to this loyal band of ‘flying winemakers’ any and all challenges are to be passionately embraced. It’s the stuff of life, right?!

“A once-in-a-lifetime-grab-it-with-both-hands opportunity!”

The Altschwager & Kenneally collaboration taps into a vast wealth of winemaking experience in both New Zealand and Australia. Absolutely everything is done as a team – winemaking, viticulture and office admin.

The four friends from A&K are absolute rockstars.

Thanks to Angel funding Gus & Swan and Mark & Emma are living their shared dream: three regions across two countries – all for one and one for all!


Mark ‘Poll’ Pollard – Wine Guru


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