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When things go wrong in winemaking!

You might not believe it, but things can go wrong with winemaking. Winemakers are actually human and not super-human beings!… Read More

Where does your palate sit?

The brilliantly talented Adelaide Hill’s winemaker, Randal Tomich from RT is back to share his winemaker knowledge with us. In a… Read More

Phase 3: Vines in winter

When you drive past a vineyard in Winter it’s easy to think the brown sticked vines standing completely naked with… Read More

Why is Pinot Noir the Devil?

According to Adelaide Hills winemaker Randal Tomich from RT wines, the King made Shiraz, God made Cabernet and the Devil… Read More

What is Malolactic Fermentation?

Have you ever wondered how some wines have a creamy taste? It’s the process of Malolactic Fermentation. Talented WA winemaker… Read More

WORLD BEE DAY: What’s buzzin, Angels?

International Wolrd Bee Day celebrates the birth of Anton Janša, the pioneer of beekeeping. She was born on the 20th… Read More

Wine temperature guide – and solution!

Ever wondered what the best temperature is to drink a big bold Shiraz? A crisp Rosé? Bubbles?! We asked winemaker… Read More

Chocolate & wine pairing

With chocolate and wine as an obvious trending topic, we thought we would get some insight about pairing the two… Read More

Manual Harvest Vs Machine Harvest

Have you ever wondered which facts about hand picking and machine harvesting are true? Let’s begin with clarifying a common misconception.

Why is the Hunter Valley so famous for Semillon?

The Hunter Valley in NSW is Australia’s leading and most advanced wine region. It has been growing and producing all… Read More

Phase 2: Winemaking – What comes after Harvest?

You say Harvest I say Vintage – we’re both right! Back in September, at the start of Spring, I wrote… Read More

What is grape pressing?

Winemakers Adrian & Rebecca Santolin have recently taught us the difference between supermarket grapes and wine grapes. And now they’re… Read More

Supermarket grapes VS wine grapes

Have you ever wondered why you can’t crush the grapes you purchase at the grocery store and turn them into… Read More

The difference between Pinot Grigio & Pinot Gris

We often get asked what the difference is between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris, so we thought we’d go straight… Read More

It’s here! Jock Harvey shows how gin is made

Back in July 2018 we asked Angels if they’d like our legendary winemaker Jock Harvey to produce a hand-made, super-premium… Read More

What is a Vigneron?

Guest post from Cathy Howard, from Boots & All in Geographe – a wine region in Western Australia Hi Angels,… Read More

Phase 1: Lifecycle of the Vine – What is a Budburst?

Spring has well and truly sprung It’s right about now that as the sun begins to shine just a little… Read More

What it’s like working in the vineyard during Harvest

G’day Angels, winemaker Jen Pfeiffer here! Vintage is certainly a team effort over in our Rutherglen vineyard, and I’d like… Read More

Wine stuff I love: The how, the what and the why!

How grapes shed their collective skins and transform, alchemy-like, into the nectar that has enthralled people, societies, and cultures for… Read More

2016 vintage – An update…

Hey everyone, Just came across some of the interesting statistics from the 2016 Vintage and thought you may be interested… Read More

The Wine Industry’s Dirty Little Secret…

Have you ever walked down the aisles of a bottle shop and wondered how every second wine seems to have… Read More

Let’s talk about the Barossa Valley…

The Barossa Valley is a very special place in the world of wine, let alone little old Australia. As my… Read More

Don’t be afraid to try alternative varieties…

Don’t be afraid… I tend to think that many wine drinkers are missing out on some really delicious drops these… Read More

Wine Equalisation Tax: What it means for us

On Tuesday night the government announced some changes to the Wine Equalisation Tax (WET). What the heck is WET anyway? WET… Read More

Vintage With Jen Pfeiffer

Before my trip to the Rutherglen, my experience of Winery’s included trips around the Hunter Valley visiting cellar doors and… Read More