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RECIPE: Roast turkey with redcurrant glaze

One of winemaker Rebecca Santolin’s favourite chefs is Donna Hay. She fell in love with her Roast Turkey Recipe and wanted… Read More

How to win a wine show medal

Have you ever wondered what winemaker Jen Pfeiffer gets up to in her spare time? You wouldn’t believe it, but…… Read More

Behind the BVO Bos Nero d’Avola Rosé label: To the pub, through the forest, on a bike…

Winemaker Bart Van Olphen recently shared with us the heartfelt story behind his BVO’s Blauw Shiraz, and now he is… Read More

Anthony Murphy – A story of lifelong friendship

Two years ago, the legendary multi award-winning, Jimmy Watson Trophy-winning Anthony Murphy got in touch and asked us – “Ahhh,… Read More

2 MINUTES WITH: Leighton Joy from Sunday Vin Co

We’ve had a few burning questions for winemaker Leighton Joy for some time now. So when he popped into Naked… Read More

Episode 4: Kevin McCarthy

Welcome to the fourth episode of ‘Drink Naked’! Widely recognised as the founding father of Pinot Gris/Grigio in Australia, Kevin… Read More

Episode 3: Sam Plunkett

Today on Drink Naked all the way from the Strathbogie Ranges in Central Victoria we welcome winemaking genius Sam Plunkett.… Read More

What is grape pressing?

Winemakers Adrian & Rebecca Santolin have recently taught us the difference between supermarket grapes and wine grapes. And now they’re… Read More

Episode 2: Adrian & Rebecca Santolin

In our second episode of the Drink Naked podcast, all the way from the Yarra Valley in Victoria, we welcome the pioneering… Read More

Supermarket grapes VS wine grapes

Have you ever wondered why you can’t crush the grapes you purchase at the grocery store and turn them into… Read More

The difference between Pinot Grigio & Pinot Gris

We often get asked what the difference is between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris, so we thought we’d go straight… Read More

2 MINUTES WITH: Kevin McCarthy

When the Australian father of Pinot Grigio pops into Naked headquarters to host a surprise wine tasting for the team,… Read More

2 MINUTES WITH: Adrian & Rebecca Santolin

Winemakers Adrian and Rebecca from the Yara Valley Region in Victoria recently popped by Naked HQ for a quick catch… Read More

A Perfect Match: Lamb + Shiraz

WA Winemaker Brian Fletcher LOVES finding the perfect match with food and wine. He’s shared one of his favourite recipes… Read More

Episode 1: Jen Pfeiffer

The first episode, with industry young-gun Jen Pfeiffer, explores how Jen won Gold in her first ever wine show, her… Read More

2 MINUTES WITH: Jen Pfeiffer

Winemaker Jen Pfeiffer from Rutherglen VIC visited Naked HQ at Manly Beach for some top secret business. While she was here,… Read More

Cocktail recipe: Moscato Mischief!

It’s that time of year – when the weather is getting warmer, the garden is in full bloom and racing… Read More

What it’s like working in the vineyard during Harvest

G’day Angels, winemaker Jen Pfeiffer here! Vintage is certainly a team effort over in our Rutherglen vineyard, and I’d like… Read More

K McCarthy’s Pinot Gris Spectrum

Hold tight till July 16 – reminder! WK2! With the 2016 vintage of Heresy we have explored the stylistic range… Read More

The Wine Industry’s Dirty Little Secret…

Have you ever walked down the aisles of a bottle shop and wondered how every second wine seems to have… Read More

Sam’s dream wine is here – It’s been 3 years in the making!

“I just love this wine. It sneaks up on you. You think it’s an easy fun drink, and then discover… Read More

A heart warming story of Angels to the rescue

Winemaker Sam Plunkett gave us a call last month with some devastating news… Husband and wife team Winsome and Snow,… Read More

Vintage With Jen Pfeiffer

Before my trip to the Rutherglen, my experience of Winery’s included trips around the Hunter Valley visiting cellar doors and… Read More