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Winemakers and their grape growers

Winemaking is truly a skill to admire. There’s a touch of magic that goes into crafting a bunch of grapes… Read More

What is The Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show?

Have you ever wondered what The Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show (AAVWS) is all about? Winemaker Bart Van Olphen from BVO lives in… Read More

What is biodynamic soil spray?

Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition. The principles and practices of biodynamics can be applied… Read More

Drink Naked: September 2019

<!doctype html>   Once a month – get inside the Naked news! Having trouble viewing this email?  Read online We’re… Read More

A proud father-son moment

Like Father, Like Son Dear Angels, To all the dads – happy Father’s Day! It’s a day worth celebrating. And, remembering…… Read More

Episode 9: Ben Gould

🎧 Listen, subscribe and review the Drink Naked Podcast iTunes, Spotify or Stitcher👀 You can also watch and subscribe on… Read More

Part 3: How winemakers can influence the style of a wine

Winemaker Adam Barton from Rabbit & Spaghetti has talked us through some factors in the vineyard that influence the style of… Read More

Part 2: What factors determine a style of wine?

Winemaker Adam Barton from Rabbit & Spaghetti established in his previous blog post how important it is to understand the“style” of… Read More

Part 1: How important is it to understand “style” in wine?

After reading Angel feedback over the years, winemaker Adam Barton from Rabbit & Spaghetti has realised that there’s one fundamental… Read More

When things go wrong in winemaking

You might not believe it, but things can go wrong with winemaking. Winemakers are actually human and not super-human beings!… Read More

Where does your palate sit?

The brilliantly talented Adelaide Hill’s winemaker, Randal Tomich from RT is back to share his winemaker knowledge with us. In a… Read More

Drink Naked: June 2019

It has been an exciting month at Naked HQ, with news that we’re finalists in 3 categories of the prestigious Online Retail Industry Awards (ORIAS)…

Why is Pinot Noir the Devil?

According to Adelaide Hills winemaker Randal Tomich from RT wines, the King made Shiraz, God made Cabernet and the Devil… Read More

2 MINUTES WITH: Randal Tomich from RT

Adelaide Hills winemaker Randal Tomich from RT produces family farmed, hand picked, boutique quantities of wine, and it’s all thanks… Read More

2 MINUTES WITH: Coby Ladwig from Lover’s Grave

Coby Ladwig from Lover’s Grave is one of Naked’s liberated winemakers. He handcrafts small-volume boutique wines from his Western Australian… Read More

Anthony Murphy – A story of lifelong friendship

Two years ago, the legendary multi award-winning, Jimmy Watson Trophy-winning Anthony Murphy got in touch and asked us – “Ahhh,… Read More

Young Gun Of Wine Top 12 Finalist Andrew Scott

Congratulations, winemaker Andrew Scott from La Petite Mort. He has made it into the top 12 finalists of the 2019… Read More

Drink Naked: May 2019

<!doctype html>   Once a month – get inside the Naked news! Having trouble viewing this email?  Read online “Well… Read More

WORLD BEE DAY: What’s buzzin, Angels?

International Wolrd Bee Day celebrates the birth of Anton Janša, the pioneer of beekeeping. She was born on the 20th… Read More

2 MINUTES WITH: Leighton Joy from Sunday Vin Co

We’ve had a few burning questions for winemaker Leighton Joy for some time now. So when he popped into Naked… Read More

Introducing Naked’s 52nd winemaking dreamteam, Paul & Ralph

These two guys from SCRIBE have a lifetime of experience! Back in mid-2012 Naked Wines launched fearlessly into the supermarket… Read More

Drink Naked: April 2019

Our monthly newsletter, Drink Naked, gives a snapshot of what our incredible community of winemakers, Angels and the Naked crew… Read More

Drink Naked: March 2019

Our monthly newsletter, Drink Naked, gives a snapshot of what our incredible community of winemakers, Angels and the Naked crew… Read More

Episode 4: Kevin McCarthy

Welcome to the fourth episode of ‘Drink Naked’! Widely recognised as the founding father of Pinot Gris/Grigio in Australia, Kevin… Read More

2 MINUTES WITH: Sam Plunkett

Winemaker Sam Plunkett from the Strathbogie Ranges of Central Victoria visited Naked HQ to record episode 3 of the Drink… Read More

Episode 2: Adrian & Rebecca Santolin

In our second episode of the Drink Naked podcast, all the way from the Yarra Valley in Victoria, we welcome the pioneering… Read More

Drink Naked: February 2019

Our monthly newsletter, Drink Naked, gives a snapshot of what our incredible community of winemakers, Angels and the Naked crew… Read More

2 MINUTES WITH: Kevin McCarthy

When the Australian father of Pinot Grigio pops into Naked headquarters to host a surprise wine tasting for the team,… Read More

2 MINUTES WITH: Adrian & Rebecca Santolin

Winemakers Adrian and Rebecca from the Yara Valley Region in Victoria recently popped by Naked HQ for a quick catch… Read More

Episode 1: Jen Pfeiffer

The first episode, with industry young-gun Jen Pfeiffer, explores how Jen won Gold in her first ever wine show, her… Read More

2 MINUTES WITH: Jen Pfeiffer

Winemaker Jen Pfeiffer from Rutherglen VIC visited Naked HQ at Manly Beach for some top secret business. While she was here,… Read More

Our talented winemaker Paul Nelson is officially FULLY NAKED!

In 2009 Paul Nelson had a light bulb moment that changed everything. After years of wearing his flying winemaker hat… Read More

Our 50th Winemaker is here! Meet Barossa Legend, Tim Smith

This guy has got serious International street cred! How’s this for a sensational welcome to your latest, and 50th, Naked… Read More

It’s here! Jock Harvey shows how gin is made

Back in July 2018 we asked Angels if they’d like our legendary winemaker Jock Harvey to produce a hand-made, super-premium… Read More

2 MINUTES WITH: Rob Paulazzo from R. Paulazzo

Winemaker Rob Paulazzo was born and bred in the NSW Riverina, but has been everywhere a winemaker could want to go:… Read More

2 MINUTES WITH: Glen & Andrew from La Petite Mort

Winemakers Glen Robert & Andrew Scott from La Petite Mort in the Granite Belt, QLD swung by Naked HQ at Manly… Read More

VIDEO: Naked Angel Tasting Event 2018

One of the most highly anticipated events of the year is the Naked Angel Tasting – an opportunity for all… Read More

Welcome Natasha ‘Tash’ Mooney-our 49th Winemaker!

Our Angels’ passionate support has liberated Naked’s 49th winemaker. Woohoo! Back in February, out of the blue, I got a… Read More

Altschwager & Kenneally: Four heads are better than one

All for one and one for all! This could well be the catchcry for the the team that is: Altschwager… Read More

Gary Stokes knows his wine

Gary Stokes knows wine stuff. Lots of wine stuff. You could say it’s a life-long, life-learned passion. Sure, he’s worked… Read More

Simon Sorby Adams, Barossa legend, says ‘Hi Angels’!

Welcome to a Barossa L.E.G.E.N.D, Simon Sorby Adams! Lately, I have to pinch myself when I see the jaw-dropping calibre… Read More

Geoff Thompson: Same, same… but different

Angels, this is not something you see everyday! When Geoff ‘Joffa’ Thompson, star winemaker from Angel-favourite Lodestar Wines called me,… Read More

Cathy & Neil Howard’s Shiraz has it all…

…Boots & All! Angels, time really does fly. Just 5 months ago we introduced Cathy and Neil Howard from Geographe… Read More

Stuart Pym: Icon, Legend… Rockstar!

Stuart’s winemaking career is the stuff of legend. He has been crafting wine in Margaret River for over 30 years… Read More

What it’s like working in the vineyard during Harvest

G’day Angels, winemaker Jen Pfeiffer here! Vintage is certainly a team effort over in our Rutherglen vineyard, and I’d like… Read More

Introducing your newest winemaker… James-Paul Marin!

Enfant Terrible – “A person who behaves in an unconventional or controversial way.” There’s something very engaging about someone who… Read More

Getting to know… Judy Kelly of Chateau Coco

A few weeks ago, on our inaugural ‘Naked Crew on Tour’ in South Australia, I had the pleasure of breaking… Read More

Halliday agrees with Naked Angels…

Your winemakers have made headlines (and we’re pretty damn proud!) So it turns out James Halliday (Australia’s most respected wine… Read More

Wine stuff I love: The how, the what and the why!

How grapes shed their collective skins and transform, alchemy-like, into the nectar that has enthralled people, societies, and cultures for… Read More

Engine Room launch party – Magic in the McLaren Vale!

Just one week ago, 150 people from all walks of life gathered at the beating heart of the McLaren Vale to… Read More