Stuart Pym: Icon, Legend… Rockstar!

Published by Mark Pollard - 17th Jan 2018

Stuart’s winemaking career is the stuff of legend. He has been crafting wine in Margaret River for over 30 years and in that time has helped put 5-Star wineries such as Voyager Estate, Devils Lair, Stella Bella and so many more, firmly on the map.

This man is an internationally-awarded, winemaking genius!

The Margaret River region, nestled up alongside the mighty Indian Ocean in Western Australia, is one of the most prestigious and renowned regions in the world. Blessed with fertile land, perfect sunshine and cooling ocean breezes it grows just a tiny 3% of Australia’s wine grapes, but… it creates over 20% of Australia’s premium wine production.

The place is quite rightly revered and Stuart Pym has been pivotal in shaping that reality.

Stuart Pym and Margaret River are in a premium class of their own!

But, success over the years came with its drawbacks. As Stu climbed the corporate ladder into senior winery-management, all of his time was spent on reporting to Boards, corporate compliance, government compliance and managing people… everything BUT making great wine.

With the support of Naked Angels, Stuart turned his back on the big end of town, rediscovered his winemaking passion, and is now revelling in a new-found liberation.

“I’ve gone back to winemaking … Naked Wines gives me freedom.”

– Stuart Pym

His label, ‘Hearts and Bones‘ celebrates the release of the creative spirit from the constraints of the day to day reality and it’s only with the support of Naked Angels, that this burst of vinous creativity is able to happen.

On a whirlwind trip to WA to catch up with every West Australian-based Naked winemaker, Stu mentioned in passing that he had been honoured with the international award of Best Chardonnay in the World back in 2008.

This guy is an absolute legend!


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