Spicy taco salsa recipe

Published by Tamara Harrison - 3rd Feb 2020

Winemaker Ben Gould from Blindside and his family love enjoying fresh fish dinners together. His sons are reel-y (pun intended) into fishing, and when they’re in luck, they come home with kilos of Whiting and Herring from the bay.

Panfried fish is their favourite, but sometimes Ben likes to jazz it up by making fish tacos with spicy salsa. They use fresh produce from their veggie garden!

green capsicum
red onion
juice of 1 lime
salt & pepper

Chop everything quite small, tear up the coriander, stir in lime and season to taste. A perfect topper for fish tacos, with a bit of avo and a glass of Blindside Unconventional Margaret River Rosé.



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