Should it be Shiraz or Syrah?

Published by Tamara Harrison - 11th Mar 2019

Sometimes the difference between wine styles is black and white (well, red and white really!). But others need a little more explanation. We’ve already explored the oh-so-subtle difference between Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio, but why should whites have all the fun? Let’s head over to the reds, and explore the difference between Shiraz vs Syrah. Then, keep reading for the results of our poll, where we asked Angels to decide whether winemakers Cynthea & David’s should call their next wine Shiraz or Syrah (the winner was unanimous).

It all starts with a story….

5 years ago winemakers David & Cynthea Feldheim got Naked.

David (L) and Cynthea (R) from Gypsy Caravan sampling a grape or two

Since that glorious day in 2014, our very first Tasmanian winemaking team has captivated Angels across Australia with their Gypsy Caravan Tassie offerings of tiny volume, cool-climate, hand made deliciousness.

Yep, luxe-level Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Methode Traditionelle Sparkling – the icon hallmarks of this pristine place.

Yep, they do it all, and so much more!

Their exclusive family access to brilliant parcels of lovingly tended fruit from mature-grown vines means their Tasmanian Tamar Valley wines are the next level in quality, premium bang-for-buck and quite simply… insanely cracking value!

So, when this pioneering power-couple called us, asking:

“We’ve got enough super-premium Tassie shiraz grapes to make just 200 cases of Tassie syrah, ummm, pleeeease can we…?!”

Our immediate response:

“Yes! Angels will love it. What are you going to call it – Shiraz or Syrah?!”

…and here’s where the story ends, and the education begins!

Quick 101 – the difference between Shiraz and Syrah

Shiraz and Syrah are two names for the same grape made in slightly different wine styles and usually reflect the climate where the grapes are grown. Syrah is generally from cooler climates, can be a little lighter in tannins and show white pepper, spicy and even cranberry aromas. Shiraz, typically hails from the more warmer regions, shows more of the darker fruits and is more full bodied.

Really, there are more Shiraz styles made in this country than there are regions that it’s grown in – and that’s a lot! But the ones coming out of Tasmania are making the world sit up and take notice ever since a small boutique vineyard scooped the illustrious Jimmy Watson Trophy back in 2011.

Based on this info, we emailed Angels to ask what we should call this wine:
Shiraz or Syrah? The results are in!

Naked Angels – you have spoken! By a landslide victory of Syrah (71%) to Shiraz (29%) this delicious Tassie drop will be called Syrah. Make sure you’re following Cynthea & David Feldheim to find out when it’s available on our virtual shelves!