Sam’s dream wine is here – It’s been 3 years in the making!

Published by Nicole Russell - 31st May 2016

“I just love this wine. It sneaks up on you. You think it’s an easy fun drink, and then discover layers of flavour and things to keep you interested. I might be getting over excited because I’m writing about it, but right now I’m calling this my all time favourite wine!” – Sam Plunkett.

Back in October 2013, Angels voted for Sam Plunkett to receive $80,000 to live out his Winemaker’s Fantasy and create just 600 cases of the most drop-dead delicious Strathbogie Shiraz you’ve ever tasted…

Well it’s here – Sam Plunkett’s Stardust & Muscle Shiraz 

For his Winemaker’s Fantasy, Sam could have travelled the world searching for the perfect grapes, but it turns out he already knew where they were hiding… Right on his family’s vineyard! Sam had just been waiting for the perfect time to craft wine from the consistently flawless Whitegate Vineyard.

If you need the reassurance of this vineyard’s pedigree, in 2010 Sam created a wine from Whitegate that was later crowned ‘Best Shiraz in Australia’ at the Great Australian Shiraz Challenge.

To craft ‘Stardust and Muscle’, Sam drained off the juice for extra power, added whole bunch fermentation for incredible aromatics of red fruits and violets, and smoothed it all out by blending in a dash of the best Viognier money can buy.
Then Sam really let loose, your Angel funding allowed him to age this wine in a brand new Foudre, a 3000-liter French oak cask – the Rolls Royce of oak barrels!
The result is a wonderful beast!

A Shiraz that is rich, powerful and full of ‘Muscle’, but is complemented by outstandingly pretty aromas that Strathbogie Shiraz is famous for, a sense of ‘Stardust’.

It’s simply as good as Shiraz gets.