Our talented winemaker Paul Nelson is officially FULLY NAKED!

Published by Tamara Harrison - 17th Dec 2018

In 2009 Paul Nelson had a light bulb moment that changed everything.

After years of wearing his flying winemaker hat traversing vintages in South Africa, Cyprus, Germany and then after stints at powerhouse W.A. wineries Houghtons and Goundrey, Paul Nelson summoned up all his courage, backed himself… and went solo!

He believed there was a better way than working for ‘the man’

His sublime handcrafted wines immediately raised eyebrows in rarefied Australian wine circles. The esteemed wine critic James Halliday listed Paul Nelson as one of his ‘Top 10 Best New Wineries’ and a ‘Dark Horse’ winery. Woohoo!

“You are going to hear a lot more about Paul Nelson and his wines.”

WA wine writer Ray Jordan

Paul Nelson is a supremely talented winemaker.

Then, came the next momentous occasion. After realising it’s one thing to make earth-shatteringly good wine and another thing totally to get wine lovers to try them, Paul got Naked on the 8th September 2015. It was a great day!

Thanks to Angel funding, Paul Nelson has gone from producing just 40 cases of a single wine to literally hundreds upon hundreds of Angel-exclusive Army of Grapes and Nodus Tollens cases – all because Angels love what this guy can conjure from some of the finest grapes in Western Australia.

Now, this is where things get really interesting… 

Paul has been handcrafting for Naked Angels for 3 years, he’s also been making a teeny amount of his long-established Karriview and PN labels for a handful of select high-end restaurants in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. He’s also been keeping a few cases of these rarities in the back shed to sustain his own secluded Cellar Door down south in Denmark, WA.

But, recently a piece of history has been written…

Paul Nelson is FULLY NAKED!

Three years of overwhelming Naked love has lead Paul to a second life-changing moment.

Yep, thousands of dusty kilometers travelled just to get a few bottles of his ‘other’ range of wines into expensive restaurants, then waiting months to get paid, and not knowing if anyone actually even liked them – it all started to grind him down.

We sat down and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

The result? From this day forward, in a ground-breaking deal, every single drop of Paul Nelson’s Western Australian brilliance will be handmade exclusively for Angels! Yep, the super-premium Karriview Single Vineyard Denmark W.A. range and PN range of alternative varieties and specific regions are primed and ready to join the sensational Army of Grapes and Nodus Tollens wines on the Naked shelves.

The Paul Nelson circle is now complete – and it’s all thanks to Angels!


  • Follow Paul Nelson on the Naked Wines websites to hear the latest updates from his Western Australian vineyard
  • Invite a friend to become an Angel. They’ll receive $100 off their first case, and you’ll get a little extra credit in your Naked Wines piggy bank. Everyone wins!
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