Meet our Wine guy, Poll!

Published by Nicole Russell - 26th Apr 2016

Meet Poll, our Wine guy…

Poll, is the conduit between Naked and the winemakers and is in charge of what wine to bring on, how much and when (with the advice of Angels of course)… A pretty big role!

Poll, was bitten by the vinous bug almost 20 years ago whilst working in the UK.
Since then he has always worked within the industry, wearing many hats including trader, buyer, demand planner, business owner, cellar hand, marketer and taster.

To say wine is his passion is an understatement… Poll, has worked in very small to very big business and loves it all.

We asked Poll what his favourite variety was, his response: “To tell you my favourite variety would be like calling out my favourite child…”
However each variety has its moment in the sun. But Poll’s desert island varieties would be Riesling, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Cabernet.

His favourite wines available through Naked Wines right now…
Small & Small Penelope Pinot Noir
Rabbit & Spaghetti Tamar Riesling
Blindside Ripasso
Santolin Family Reserve Pinot Noir

We can’t wait to see what new wines Poll is bringing on in 2016!


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