Meet Glen & Andrew… Your Newest Winemakers & The First From QLD!

Published by Nicole Russell - 7th Jun 2016

Meet Glen and Andrew… your newest winemakers & the first from QLD!
“Life gets boring if you always colour inside the lines” – Glen and Andrew’s life mantra!

These guys are a little different and not the normal winemaking story. But they bring an amazing knowledge and creativity to the science of winemaking.
They find something spiritual about working in the vineyard, seeing the seasons come and go, they use a balance of science and art.
Science ensures they test everything rigorously, then they use creativity to make unique wines. They look to make wines that hopefully tell a grand story, beginning in the vineyard and ending in the glass. Their wines are always food friendly, they are very passionate about food as well as wine.

They make wine in the Granite Belt…
A totally unique area, situated in the extreme south of the state, west of the Great Dividing Range, which shields it from the humid, tropical influence of the coast, so they have continental temperature, like Canberra. It really is a Cool climate region.

Angels have rescued the vineyard!!
Naked Wines has allowed them to restore a rundown and neglected vineyard – Mary’s Vineyard. It was abandoned in 2004. This vineyard supplies the fruit for all La Petite Mort wines which we will take. Vineyards have been pulled out in the region for many years recently as the high yielding crops are planted. They love that we are able to supply their unique wines to passionate wine drinkers, the generic commercial wine stores wouldn’t stock them (read Coles and Woolies).

Glen was a biochemist and worked in medical research, but soon felt his love of food and wine had to be satiated. He and his partner opened restaurants, cafes, cabaret joints but still wanted more, so they bought a vineyard! Glen retrained as a winemaker and worked in Napa as well as other local wineries. Now into his 11th vintage on the vineyard.
Glen has also passed the first year of the master of wine and developed a borderline obsession with Tempranillo (the next wine we will get!)
Andrew, however, was a very successful sommelier and ski instructor! They met at a tasting and the rest is history, Andrew has now spent 4 vintages making wine with Glen, two as assistant winemaker.
He is also studying Wine Science at the moment.

Their vineyard is Organic but not certified, they only filter and fine their wines lightly, if at all and use non-animal products when bottling, so Vegan-friendly.

Their very first Naked wine is the La Petite Mort Ballandean Shiraz Viognier 2015 – a Top Shelf beauty – hand-picked, hand-crafted and hand-bottled (right down to the hand-dipped natural wax finish)…You just don’t often find wines made like this! Made in tiny quantities, this piece of Naked history won’t stick around long!


  • Follow Glen & Andrew on their Naked Wines winemaker page to hear updates from the Queensland wine region, and behind the scenes news from their vineyard.
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