Introducing your newest winemaker… James-Paul Marin!

Published by Nicole Russell - 28th Sep 2016

Enfant Terrible – “A person who behaves in an unconventional or controversial way.”

There’s something very engaging about someone who has the courage of their convictions. Someone who not only talks-the-talk but is prepared to walk-the-walk, even if that means flying in the face of conventional wisdom and expectations. Someone who’s prepared to back their own judgment, skills, and dreams in order to deliver the goods.

Meet James-Paul Marin and his brand-spanking-new Enfant Terrible range. A distinguished winemaker with 15 years experience and a fierce determination to make the world a better place – one wine and one tree at a time.

Our paths crossed late last year when circumstances were taking their toll on this passionate winemaker. The success of his initial Australian wine range had achieved internationally since 2012 had, ironically, led to greater financial pressure and greater control being exerted by his venture capitalist backers.
James-Paul found himself travelling along a winemaking path cluttered with ‘compromise’ and ‘doubt’, a path that he didn’t believe in and one that had long lost all sense of enjoyment.

He did what any principled person would do in that situation: he walked away. He almost walked away from the entire wine industry.

That’s when Naked Wines entered this real-life story. With the support of Angel funding James-Paul was handed a second chance at realising his winemaking dream and is now, happily, thankfully, walking to the beat of his own drum.

“This time with the Angels as my backers, I will pursue my passion for making the wines I want to make and not be pigeon-holed to a particular region, to a commercial style or hitting a price point to achieve margin.”

Strong relationships with award-winning vineyards formed over many years now gives James-Paul access to some of the best Australian grapes available. His firm belief in sustainability and minimal intervention throughout the winemaking process results in wines that express the true characteristics and deliciousness of the variety and the region.

A lifelong passion and love for both the environment and for wine ensure James-Paul Marin and his handcrafted Enfant Terrible wines overdeliver on every level. As a longstanding advocate and partner of he will plant 5 trees on your behalf in third world countries for every dozen bought.

So, he may well be a “person who behaves in an unconventional or controversial way” but from where we stand it’s all brilliant – for you and the Earth!

Check out his wines here:


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