Introducing Naked’s 52nd winemaking dreamteam, Paul & Ralph

Published by Tamara Harrison - 30th Apr 2019

These two guys from SCRIBE have a lifetime of experience!

Back in mid-2012 Naked Wines launched fearlessly into the supermarket duopoly-dominated world of wine with an inspired dream, ten hero winemakers and a tiny amount of handmade wines.

WOW! What a difference six years, 50 winemakers, 80,000 Angels, and over 1,600,000 ratings makes!

It’s all because of Angels that we’re changing the way wine is made and enjoyed in Australia. And, it’s because of their support that industry dynamos like Paul Byron and Ralph Dunning are knocking on our Naked HQ door wanting to make premium, small batch, handcrafted, exclusive wine.

This 5-Red-Star Halliday rated team has serious street cred.

After spending a combined 65 years advancing other peoples’ wine endeavours (and helping make those same people, ahhh, very rich along the way) Paul Byron and Ralph Dunning had their light bulb moment – it was time to break out and go it alone!

So, eight years ago, after a lifetime of working for ‘the man’ these two lovers of wine established their dream wine biz.

This duo is a truly formidable partnership!

Theirs is a skilled partnership that covers every aspect of the Australian wine trade: winemaking, marketing, management and administration. Yep, esteemed wine critics and wine drinkers have been sitting up and taking serious notice ever since they started. And, with such hard earned knowledge under their belts you’d be crazy not to!

These guys prove there’s no substitute for experience. They have simply been there and done it with some of the most admired wineries in the land.

Their dream is to make and present truly authentic wines that are true to their variety and true to where they were grown. Wines with provenance and… panache!

But, it’s one thing to make award-winning wine and another thing entirely to get it to the people who’ll love it.

Ahhh, that’s where Angels come in…

“Getting Naked means we don’t have to go through the normal wholesale and retail gatekeepers before we get real feedback, from you, on what we are crafting.” – Ralph Dunning

Yep, Angel support means Paul and Ralph have become Naked’s next liberated Naked winemaking team able to handcraft small-volume boutique wines exclusively for Angels. It’s one more Naked dream starting to fly. Woohoo!

So, to Paul and Ralph from SCRIBE, welcome to Naked Wines… what took you so long?!

Mark ‘Poll’ Pollard – Wine Guru


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