How to rate your Naked Wines…

Published by Nicole Russell - 12th Jul 2016

How to rate your wines!

Here’s a fun fact… Since launching Naked wines just over 4 years ago, we have received 737,359 total ratings on delicious Angel-funded wines!

What are these ‘ratings’ I hear you ask?
As an Angel, we invest your money in winemakers. So to make sure we invest it wisely we need your feedback and this comes in the form of wine ratings.

35 winemakers are in business thanks to the Naked Angels – following their dreams and making exclusive Angel only wines!
With traditional retail, the winemakers never get to speak to the people who drink their wines. It’s so refreshing to get honest feedback from real customers which before Naked Wines Angels they never received.

Because of the Angel ratings, we know that our highest rated winemakers are Luke Toccaciu on 93% and Ben Rector on 93%.
We also are able to tell you that our current top rated wines are the Engine Room Motif Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2016 & Hearts & Bones Icon Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 at 100% each.

Plus another benefit of rating your wines is that we’ll recommend other wines we think you will like based on your ratings…
So go on, next time you are on the website or Naked Wines app, make sure you rate one or two of your wines…
It’s really easy, in fact, it only takes two clicks

Just head to your Naked Me page to see all the wines you’ve bought before.
All you need to do is click the green thumbs up or the red thumbs down.