Happy wines, happy vines! Ever wondered about the connection between music & enjoyment?

Published by Tamara Harrison - 27th Aug 2019

Winemaker Paul Nelson from PN Wines has crafted a unique Spotify playlist for each of his newly released wines from his PN range. The range includes:
Paul Nelson PN Touriga 2015
Paul Nelson PN Pinot Noir 2019
Paul Nelson PN Gamay 2019
Paul Nelson PN Pinot Chardonnay Rosé 2019
Paul Nelson PN Cabernet 2014
Paul Nelson PN Arneis 2019

The idea behind the playlists is for Angels to scan the code on the bottle, drink it and dissolve into the reality of the wine. Keep on reading to hear Paul elaborate…

Wine, music, and food are the perfect sensory trifecta. We rarely enjoy one without the other.

Like all things in life we always aim to maximise our enjoyment and what better way than to enjoy your favourite bottle of vino, paired with your favourite food, listening to your favourite music.

All of these 3 choices are made based on your mood, cuisine, location, and so many more personal and external factors. This can change from one day to the next. Wine is so subjective and so too is food and music.

Joie de Vivre often involves these three components. Wine is life, music is life and food is life.

The PN wines and soundtrack matching has been a process that has taken probably a lot longer than we had initially thought. I had always had an idea that it would be great to match music to wine and this only came to fruition when I became good friends with a DJ, 404 Object.

404 Object has drawn from his extensive collection of music, unique insights and idiosyncratic style from the musical unknown. His musical fingerprint is the force field that amplifies each wine and its personality.

During the winemaking, stages of music have always been an important part of the process. Music is played in the cellar and music is played to the ferments. Like us, yeast is alive and responds to external factors and I’ve always thought a carefully selected song or playlist will create a happier ferment (definitely a happier Winemaker!)

In Italy and South Africa, there are vineyards that play music to the vines. Speakers are set up in the vineyard and certain composers and musicians are played in the belief that it will create a more harmonious growth cycle. Even to the point of controlling pests an diseases due to the frequency of the music played. It certainly makes for an enjoyable vineyard visit when Beethoven wafts over the vines as you sip a glass of wine.

Similar to our moods and personalities, each wine we produce is unique in its own right. And in that difference, each wine is matched with its very own soundtrack recreated as a Spotify playlist for your listening convenience. This soundtrack represents the origins of the wine, its journey, and its personality.

Each soundtrack has had introspective thought poured into its very essence. Each bottle is meant to take you on a musical journey that enhances the wine and the experience.

I really hope you all enjoy these pairings. As far as I know, this is the first time this has been done in Oz so I’m really excited to hear your thoughts and observations.

So sit back, relax and grab your favourite bottle of PN wine and let the music take you on a journey as you delve deeper into each bottle of forgotten memories and whimsical dreams.



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