Geoff Thompson: Same, same… but different

Published by Tamara Harrison - 20th Apr 2018

Angels, this is not something you see everyday!

When Geoff ‘Joffa’ Thompson, star winemaker from Angel-favourite Lodestar Wines called me, the quick chat went something like this:

Joffa: “Hey mate, I’ve got my two new 2016 vintage reds ready for delivery.”
Me: “That’s great Joff, send ‘em through, Angels can’t get enough of your Lodestar stuff!”
Joffa: “Um, just on that, … I’ve changed our name to Grounded Cru.”
Me: “… oh… ahhh, … ok…”
Joffa: “…and, um, I’ve changed the label design…”
Me: “…ah, …ok… you’ve changed the label…too?”
Joffa: “Yeah, it’s now this great drawing of a duck….”
Me: “…oh, …ok…… a duck…?”
Joffa: “Yeah, a duck… it’s an upside down, um… duck.”
Me: “…oh… ahhhh, …ok… great!”
Joffa: “Yeah! It’s great!”

Introducing Grounded Cru from the legend that is Geoff ‘Joffa’ Thompson!

Back in 2013, super-talented and multi award-winning winemaker Geoff Thompson had a young start-up wine business, a heap of passion and precious little money!

When he got the thumbs up from Angels to create his handmade wines for Naked Wines, everything kicked into gear at a dizzying speed! The Lodestar label name was quickly picked from the depths of his business filing cabinet, a design was very cheaply signed-off and the wines were miraculously bottled – and, they gained an instantaneous Angel fan base.

Deep down, Joffa always knew that when he had a little bit more time, a little bit more of the ready stuff, and a loyal customer base who loved his wines he would create his true dream wine label that comes from his heart… a wine label that reflects the uniqueness of everything he does: his journey, his wines and his philosophy.

Thanks to Naked Angels, that time finally came!

“With your terrific support, we’ve been able to invest the time and resources to create Grounded Cru… our philosophy is simple – we value the little things, handcrafting our wines with passion and honesty to deliver the vineyard to your table”.

– Geoff Thompson

When you try a bottle of Grounded Cru, you’ll straight away see that even though the label is different the same genius winemaker is bringing home the goods.


Mark ‘Poll’ Pollard – Wine Guru


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