Gary Stokes knows his wine

Published by Tamara Harrison - 18th Aug 2018

Gary Stokes knows wine stuff. Lots of wine stuff. You could say it’s a life-long, life-learned passion.

Sure, he’s worked hard and earned two Bachelor Degrees in Wine, but he brings soooo much more. He has that hard-to-quantify thing called… experience.

Yep, Gary has the wisdom that can only ever come from rolling up your sleeves, getting your hands dirty, getting stuck in and… making wine… year after year. Lots of wine!

Here’s a man who meticulously understands the magical transformation that occurs from grape to bottle. Gary knows when to get involved and when to just get out of the way and let the fruit be the star.

Believe me, that’s a skill in itself!

After crafting wine all around the world, including here in Australia for luminaries such as Hardy’s, Stonehaven and Yarra Burn, Gary’s winemaking-compass finally settled on the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

It’s not just Australia’s largest grape-growing region, it’s also one of the most diverse, most rugged, most isolated and everything there has a sense of magnitude…of… greatness.

“The Chardonnay in the Great Southern, especially the Frankland River, where this is from, is excellent!”

– Gary Stokes

The Great Southern wine-growing region was specifically identified for its ability to consistently produce the highest quality grapes. Gary knows exactly where the best growers of those grapes are…

Yep, that’s another skill that only experience can bring!

When Gary sent his first Great Southern wines to us, our collective bang-for-buck radar sounded loud and clear – what was in the bottle, for the price, was electrifying. We immediately welcomed him to the Naked Wines family with open arms.

Thanks to Naked Angels, Gary Stokes has over 3500 Naked Wines followers, over 27,000 wine ratings and his wines consistently rate between 92% and 94%!

Yep, he’s a Naked rock star…


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