Episode 7: Leighton Joy

Published by Tamara Harrison - 21st Jun 2019

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Welcome to the seventh episode of Drink Naked.

You’re about to meet a winemaker who embodies the mantra “walking to the beat of their own drum”. Leighton Joy is a recent recipient of the 2019 Top 50 Young Gun of Wine award. He’s won multiple medals at national wine shows including the Western Victoria Wine Challenge trophy for Best Shiraz and Best Wine.

In this episode you’ll hear how his winemaking passion has always been to handcraft wines the way that he wants to – and not how he’s told to. How he loves to create wines filled with honesty, integrity and a huge dash of adventure, and how he looks at his life now as being either ‘Before Naked’ or ‘After Naked’.  

In Leighton Joy’s world, there is hope, morale is high and the potential for groundbreaking exploration is exciting, career-defining and awe inspiring!


  • (VIDEO) 2 MINUTES WITH LEIGHTON: Don’t have time to listen to the whole podcast? We fired a few quick questions at Leighton to hear his top wine tip for Angels, the story behind his label and more!
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