Episode 5: Damien Stevens & Jodie Belleville

Published by Tamara Harrison - 24th Apr 2019

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Welcome to the fifth episode of ‘Drink Naked’! With over 9 Trophies and a further 23 Gold Medals to their names, Damien Stevens and Jodie Belleville from burgeoning label Fuzzy & May are helping shape the future of the iconic Hunter Valley wine region. In this episode you’ll hear how this dynamic duo’s first ever Semillon scooped the pool at the Hunter Valley Wine Show and set the bar high for their continued success, how the occasional argument is good for the creative process and why they are inspired to seek out the finest fruit possible from Australia’s oldest wine producing region.



(VIDEO) WHY IS THE HUNTER VALLEY SO FAMOUS FOR SEMILLION? As Hunter Valley locals, we asked Damien & Jodie to give a few insights, straight from the source.

(VIDEO) THE BEST FOODS TO PAIR WITH SHIRAZ & CHARDONNAY: Damien & Jodie share a few recipe ideas to pair with their delicious wines.