Drink Naked: May 2019

Published by Tamara Harrison - 22nd May 2019

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“Well done on a great idea, with benefits for everyone! Helping new vintners explore their craft with help from interested drinkers instead of banks or brokers is a win for everyone. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of it.” Angel, Kristina

Messages like this from Kristina force us to take a step back and say wow – this business is really something special! Since the last update, we’ve brought on 3 new winemaking teams thanks to Angel funding. So thank YOU, Angels, for helping Naked Wines grow to where it is today.

Cheers 🍷

Review & win

Your wish is our command, Kirsty! To say thanks for your great review & make your birthday dreams come true, a six pack of Coby Ladwig’s wine is on the way.

Don’t forget to rate your wines! We’ll pick our favourite and the Angel who wrote it will receive a mixed six pack from that winemaker. So, you’ll not only get more personalised recommendations to ensure you always drink great wine, you could win more of the wine you love!

Lover's Grave Shiraz

Get involved


ORIAS vote

Love Naked? Vote for us & you could win a $10k prize!

The ORIAS are the flagship awards for businesses that sell online…that’s us! In 2015, we won the ORIAS People’s Choice Awards, and we’d love your support to win it again in 2019. So Angels, if you love Naked Wines then vote for us (…and you could win a cool $10k shopping spree too!).

Voting closes 31 May – quick sticks!

Did you know?


Enfant Terrible guide

The best temperature to drink wine at

According to winemaker James-Paul Marin, serving up his 14.5% alcohol Enfant Terrible Shiraz on a hot Summer’s day could make it taste like rocket fuel. But at 20’c? Perfection! So what is the ideal temperature to drink wine at? With so many factors at play the best answer is ‘it depends’.
JP explains why.

The explanation & the winning solution

Rob Paulazzo

Bet you didn’t know this about Rob Paulazzo!

Our 6th episode of the Drink Naked Podcast has just been released, this time with young gun winemaker, Rob Paulazzo. You’ll learn lots about Rob in the podcast, but we’ll let you in on another secret. He’s a drummer in a band with his mates, and the jingle heard at the start of the podcast is written and recorded by this band! Yep, a man of many hidden talents 🙂

Hear more of Rob’s talents in episode 6

We are Naked


The Santolins hit 20k

A Naked milestone: 20k followers!

Woohoo! Angels, you have helped Adrian & Rebecca Santolin make Naked history, with a record 20,000 of you following their winemaker page (Jen Pfeiffer is VERY close behind with 19,857 at last count!). To celebrate being able to chat one-on-one and keep Angels in the loop behind the scenes, the Santolins have filmed this message (with a neat little prize on offer, too).

Celebrate with The Santolins. Watch & win!

Wine time


Angas the wine dog

This case is for you, dog lovers!

It’s no secret that we’re dog lovers in the Naked office, and from the reaction to our social #WineDogWednesday posts, many of our Angels are too! So, since two of THE GREATEST things in life are dogs + wine, we’ve created a case to celebrate some of the legendary pups who keep our winemakers on the straight and narrow. Meet Coco, Billie, Mo(u)nty, Polly, Angas, Flynn & Barnacle, and share a few of their stories at your next dinner party.

A case dedicated to our wine-dogs
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