Drink Naked: April 2019

Published by Tamara Harrison - 29th Apr 2019

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“A tropical island getaway would be nice, but at this point I’ll happily settle for a few quiet beers amongst friends! And yes, probably some wine as well ;-)” Winemaker Rob Paulazzo, on celebrating the end of Vintage 2019

With Vintage over for most of our winemakers surely it’s time to kick back and relax, right? Nope! It’s all go-go-go, checking back on the 2018 wines and making decisions on when to bottle. But, YOU can relax with a glass of your favourite Naked wine and enjoy this latest edition of the Drink Naked Newsletter.

Cheers 🍷

Review & win

This review of the Left Hook SSB put a smile on our dial, so Nicholas B from Wentworth Falls, NSW gets our vote for review of the month! A 6-pack of wine by Rory Clifton-Parks is heading your way.

Don’t forget to rate your wines! We’ll pick our favourite and the Angel who wrote it will receive a mixed 6-pack from that winemaker. So, you’ll not only get more personalised recommendations to ensure you always drink great wine, you could win more of the wine you love!


Get involved


WIN: A wine weekend escape for two

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Nourished Life to give you the chance to win an incredible weekend wine escape. The winner and a friend will enjoy a private tasting and sneak peak behind-the-scenes of an organic vineyard (Blindside in WA or Horner Wines in NSW), a case of delicious Naked wine, a $500 travel voucher and an epic pamper pack.

The winner could be YOU – see details

Did you know?


3 things we can all excel at

1. Enjoying wine (tick!) 2. Eating chocolate (tick!) 3. Enjoying wine while eating chocolate? Perfect! Cue the wine guys, Poll & Stu. As it’s the sweetest time of year, we found an excuse to eat chocolate and drink wine, all in the name of Naked-ucation. Learn how to love chocolate in a very Naked way – by pairing it with wine, of course.

White chocolate + wine? Jury’s out!

We are Naked


Who, What or Where is Fuzzy & May?

The fifth episode of the Drink Naked Podcast features Damien Stevens and Jodie Belleville – the formidable winemakers from NSW’s Hunter Valley. We know and love the wines made by this talented husband and wife team but what exactly does their label Fuzzy & May actually mean?

The secret is revealed in the podcast

Wine time


Super Seasonal Mix + Bonus Sam!

As a super-special exclusive offer for readers of our April Drink Naked Newsletter we’ve bundled a sensational case together that celebrates the days getting a little shorter and the air getting just a little crisper – plus, there’s a bonus warming Shiraz from the legendary Sam Plunkett worth $39.99 for free!

Don’t miss out – it’s Sam-sational!
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