Dear diary: Paul Nelson’s winemaker fantasy is coming true thanks to Angels

Published by Tamara Harrison - 13th Sep 2019

Angels voted ‘yes’ to funding Paul Nelson’s winemaker fantasy of travelling to Piedmont in north-west Italy to craft a delicious Barbaresco red, using Nebbiolo, and a white, using Arneis. Both these wines are rare in Australia and Paul is super excited to bring these two classic varieties to Angels. Keep on reading to hear Paul’s travel update while he explains these two varieties.

Woohoo, the start of the 2019 Winemaker Fantasy harvest in Italy has begun! A slight delay due to rain but very much worth the wait.

Today we are harvesting Roero Arneis. The Roero is a wine-growing region to the north of the Tanaro river that runs through the outskirts of Alba in the Piemonte region. This area is famous for Arneis or Roero Arneis. This region produces perfumed, fresh and sometimes rich Arneis wines. Lots of pears, green apple and citrus characters! Great with pasta, salads and white meat dishes. I’ve been enjoying a glass or two up here with Tajarin Ragu (a thin flat pasta famous in the region).

Arneis is a white grape often referred to as the little rascal or white Barolo. We already make 2 different styles of Arneis for Naked which you may have tried? These are the PN Arneis and the Nodus Tollens Arneis. The style of Arneis we are going to make here in Italy is going to be exactly the same as the Nodus Tollens Arneis. It’s going to be really cool to see how the same winemaking principles are applied to both wines and what they taste like side by side!

The weather today was really cool in the morning with overnight temps dropping to 8 degrees. This made for a perfect harvest as all the grapes were nice and cool and picking a little less sweaty!!

Here are some harvest shots from early this morning.

Winemaker Fantasy 🇮🇹✔️
Thanks to all of you legends for making this a reality and I can wait to taste these wines with you. Just need to think of a name for the wines now


Ciao from a sunny Italia



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