Daily Corker

Published by Alicia Kennedy - 14th Oct 2015

Every day, we try to share a real corker of a wine truth.

corker (noun)

UK   /ˈkɔː.kər/  US   /ˈkɔːr.kɚ/ mainly UK informal 

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Our corkers so far

  • Wine truth #1: “I always said your best palate is your own, not mine.” –Robert Parker, the world’s most influential wine critic
  • Wine truth #2:  Napa wines used to cost $5 a bottle AT THE RESTAURANT.
  • Wine truth #3: That guy from the movie Sideways doesn’t hate Merlot as much as he claims…
  • Wine truth #4: When wine marketers use words they don’t understand… “Artesian Pinot” comes from a well?
  • Wine truth #5: Wine can say Pinot Noir on the label and only be 75% Pinot – this is true about all grapes in the US
  • Wine truth #6: “Wine is not very expensive to make. Production costs of even the grandest red Bordeaux are rarely more than $10 a bottle” –Jancis Robinson
  • Wine truth #7: You’re don’t have to smell the cork when a waiter opens a bottle of wine, even if they present the cork to you
  • Wine truth #8: Single-varietal wines aren’t a “new world” thing. Europe’s been at it forever.
  • Wine truth #9: You’re not the only person who orders the second-cheapest wine on the list.
  • Wine truth #10: Screaming Eagle Cabernet isn’t always 100% Cabernet
  • Wine truth #11: Rose is not made by mixing red and white – but we do that sometimes…
  • Wine truth #12: Syrah and Shiraz are the same grape, but Petite Sirah is not the same.
  • Wine truth #13: The third most planted wine grape on earth is Airen (wtf is Airen, right?)
  • Wine truth #14: Instead of saying “Contains sulfites” many foods with more sulfites than wine just list “E220”-“E228” in the ingredients
  • Wine truth #15:  Low calorie wine has existed for a very, very long time – it’s basically low alcohol wine.
  • More coming every day…