Being Naked with WATCH!

Published by Nicole Russell - 25th May 2016

…why we love being Naked and what it means to us!
Ever wondered just who that cheery voice belongs to on the other end of the phone when you call for a bit of Angel Assistance?

Well, Dear friends, wonder no more!
Meet our fantastic and ever-so-helpful team of Wine Advisers and Customer Happiness Managers! Or as we like to call them- ‘WATCH’!

Our WATCH team are passionately Naked:
-We are passionate about our amazing wines and winemakers!
-We are passionate about what we do, and everything that Naked represents!
-And we are passionate about providing the best possible Naked experience for you- our amazing Angels and friends!

So what does being Naked mean to us, you ask? It’s pretty simple:
“Being Naked means helping winemakers follow their dreams, and helping wine drinkers enjoy the wines that dreams are made from” (-Anita, Customer Happiness Manager)

We aim to provide more than just a service, and believe that our love of great wine, combined with the Naked Virtue, sets the tone and guides us everyday at the Naked HQ.

We lead with our Naked Values and try to provide an exceptional experience, and we are always trying to go the extra mile wherever we can! Oh, and one more thing- we NEVER forget to have FUN!

WATCH is a pretty special team to be a part of.
We are a tight-knit group and are always very supportive of each other.
We’re not discouraged by any mistakes that we make along the way, but instead we’re encouraged to know that making mistakes means that we are continually learning and trying to do our best!

For us, being Naked is something pretty special. In fact, it’s actually pretty amazing, because it means not only being a part of a fantastic team at Naked HQ, but also being apart of an incredible community- a network of people (just under 50,000 Angels!) who are equally as passionate about enjoying quality wine, and liberating the talented Independent winemakers of Australia & New Zealand! And of course, it’s also about making wine FUN!

This month a few of our WATCH team members represented Naked Wines at the 2016 Retailer Customer Excellence Awards in Melbourne. Naked Wines had the honour of taking out first place in the ‘Online Customer Excellence Award, and taking 3rd place in the ‘Online Customer Team Excellence Award’.

We are so extremely proud of our team, and so incredibly grateful for the support of our Angels and friends- without you, we couldn’t have reached this achievement! Thank you from all of us, for being just as passionately Naked as we are!!

So next time you give us a call at Naked Wines…
Please feel free to have a chat and say hi! We love hearing from you, and all about the wines that you’re enjoying! Our Customer Happiness Managers will take care of whatever you need! You can even ask to talk to one of our talented wine advisers, they know their stuff, and are always happy to help you find the style of wines that you would enjoy most from our amazing winemakers!

Until then, Angels and Friends…
Cheers & happy drinking!!

Sophie (Customer Happiness Manager)