Australia: Home to the oldest Grenache in the world!

Published by Tamara Harrison - 20th Sep 2019

Nina Stocker and Kate Day are lifelong besties who are very passionate about winemaking. Their combined experience and knowledge (and Angel funding of course!) has brought them together to fulfill their dreams of bringing their Two Pairs lebel into the Australian wine market. One of there favourites varieties to make is Grenache, so here they are sharing their knowledge about the grape.

Did you know that today, September 20th is national Punch day, Fried Rice day, Pepperoni Pizza day but most importantly GRENACHE DAY? What a day when you can make a punch out of Grenache to sip and swirl with a Pepperoni pizza and a side order of Fried Rice and know you are ticking all your international day boxes!

Often overlooked by its more glamourous cousins blended away or referred to as the workhorse red varietal or cheekily known as Poor man’s (or woman’s) Pinot, Grenache was actually one of the first varieties planted in Australia, which currently has the oldest producing Grenache vines in the world planted in the 1850s.

Originally the variety was used to make fortified wines and gained a bad reputation for being sickly sweet, overripe, confectionary-like when not treated with the respect it deserves. Today it’s seeing a resurgence with producers like us, Kate & Nina from Two Pairs Wines, producing a straight medium-bodied unoaked Grenache to showcase the pretty cherry, raspberry and spice characters and savoury tannins which are ever-present when it’s not taken to over-ripeness.  

So on this Grenache day why not grab our Grenache and join the Grenache revival. You’ll love it!

Vive le Grenache!