ArchAngels prove Naked Wines is ‘Not Another Wine Club’

Published by Tamara Harrison - 12th Nov 2018

Since Naked Australia’s early days back in 2012, Terry & Ange have been champions of our unique business model, and staunch supporters of our incredible winemakers. In 2015, they received a call from MD Greg, inviting them to become ArchAngels – of course, they accepted! We caught up with Terry & Ange to learn a bit about their experience with Naked Wines, and hear why we’re not *just another wine club*.

1. So, Terry & Ange, how did you find out about Naked Wines and then become ArchAngels?
Back in 2012, we were subscribed to the Feast magazine (being huge gourmet foodies/chef). We saw a voucher in one of the magazines for Naked Wines and decided to check it out. We loved the concept so tried out a case of wine – back then, there were only 4-5 winemakers to choose from! The rest is history and we’ve never looked back. We became ArchAngels in late 2015 through an invitation from Naked Australia MD, Greg Banbury.

2. What has been your best experience as an ArchAngel?
Interacting with both the winemakers (i.e. visiting their vineyards) and also gaining continual knowledge from Naked Wines management on how the business model is run: how Naked has given so many boutique Aussie winemakers that second chance they desperately needed. We also had regular Thirsty Thursdays online where we would be sent a six-pack of the newest wines from various winemakers every few weeks. The ArchAngels would discuss online, the best parts of what we were tasting, which created a great community between the ArchAngels, the winemakers and our support crew from Naked HQ. We really miss this aspect! [editors note – stay tuned for the return of Thirsty Thursdays, Terry & Ange!]

3. Do you have many friends who are Angels, and have you made many new friends at Naked Wines?
Yes, we have several friends spread across VIC, NSW & QLD who have joined Naked Wines. We are always talking about how awesome Naked is, whenever we can!

New friends? Absolutely! We’re good friends with some of the winemakers, several of the team at Naked HQ and there are plenty of Angels who follow us! We have been out to Glen & Andrew in Stanthorpe and helped them bottle a vintage of Viognier. We have also visited Sam Plunkett in Seymour when we were in Melbourne for holidays late last year, and we dropped in to visit Damien & Jodie in the Hunter Valley. These experiences are priceless and we just love everything about our Naked community!

4. Do you have any hot tips for Naked Newbies?
Reviewing your wines would be high on the list. But, we would encourage new Angels to think outside the box and review the wines with positive feedback, i.e. what food they ate when drinking a particular wine. We say this because, with the number of winemakers we have interacted with over our 6 years at Naked, they all say the same thing. We’ve seen new Angels who just treat the community like it’s ‘another wine club and have either ‘bagged out the wine’ or given the winemaker an unnecessary bad rating. This is not what we are about at Naked! The winemakers are more than willing to educate Angels if they just ask.

5. Finally – we love pics! Do you have any you can share with us? 

We sure do!  From left to right….

  1. We visited Sam Plunkett in Seymour, Victoria last December – we’d love to be Sam’s ArchAngels (he is a bloody legend).
  2. The first bottle of Boy Meets Girl Moscato ever released on the Australian market – we shared this with our next door neighbours and signed them up to Naked!
  3. Picture of Terry in shock when Sam Plunkett decided to put his 2016 Shiraz in a magnum and the ArchAngels received it for Xmas!