An ArchAngel’s highlights, trips and newbie tips!

Published by Tamara Harrison - 26th Oct 2018

Briony Beckett has been a Naked Wines Angel since 2013 and was raised to the prestigious status of ArchAngel for being a true champion of the Naked Wines culture. We caught up with Briony to hear more about her experiences as an ArchAngel, and picked her brain for a few tips for Angel newbies!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself, Briony! How did you first find out about Naked Wines, and become an ArchAngel?
I ended up joining Naked Wines after responding to a Facebook ad for a beta testing program. I think it was when Naked was first expanding into Australia. I invited 2 friends over, we tried the wines, and I was instantly hooked. Then after I’d been ordering wine for a year or so, I received a phone call asking if I wanted to come along to a wine show and lunch to have a chat about all things Naked Wines and become an ArchAngel. Of course, the answer was yes 🙂

2. What has been your best experience as an ArchAngel so far?
That’s a hard one to answer! The yearly tasting events are amazing. Actually, I think I’d have to say, I went to visit Naked Wines in California where they have their own winery and cellar door. They were lovely to me anyway just as someone who had walked in to taste some wines, but as soon as they found out I was an Angel from Australia, they organised a behind the scenes tour of their winery, let me try some wines straight from the barrel that hadn’t even been released yet, and then they set me up with some lovely wines while sitting in the sunshine. Such amazing hospitality and a unique experience. 

3. Are many of your friends Angels?
I actually keep finding out that more and more of my friends are already Angels. I always take wine from Naked to dinners/parties, but it’s a pleasant surprise when someone who I didn’t know was an Angel does the same. Each year for the annual tasting I’ve also been bringing different friends along with me and it’s great to show people how it all works and to meet the winemakers (and taste the delicious wine!)

4. Have you met many new people since becoming a Naked Wines ArchAngel?
Each time the ArchAngels and Naked Wines staff catch up it’s always lovely to see each other again. It’s also great to see the winemakers at events and say hi. This year at the tasting one of my friends was surprised at how many people I knew. There are also a couple people that I’ve caught up with for drinks, or run into at a pub and stayed to have a chat. We know we have wine in common so that helps 🙂

5. What’s your best tip for Naked Newbies?
Order the mixed cases! I have my tried and tested favourites, and others that I know I love for a special occasion, but the staff at Naked Wines put together these amazing mixed cases with wines that you might not have tried. It’s the best way to get a selection of wines and find new favourites. Also if you love love love a wine, don’t wait to reorder in case it sells out. I’ve been caught out a few times and have learnt my lesson 🙂