A proud father-son moment

Published by Tamara Harrison - 30th Aug 2019

Like Father, Like Son

Dear Angels,

To all the dads – happy Father’s Day! It’s a day worth celebrating. And, remembering…

A Coonawarra legend
I first met Patrick Tocaciu eleven years ago. Back then a lot of things were different. I was working for another wine biz, Patrick had long established himself as a top-end independent multi-award-winning winemaker over 30 years, Naked Wines was still a dream.

One afternoon in early 2012 Patrick phoned me asking if I’d like to be his guest at that night’s Australian & NZ Boutique Wine Awards presentation to be held at a swanky hotel in Sydney’s CBD. It was going to be a ritzy affair, black-tie, the who’s who, the whole shebang, you get the picture…

Pat just had this feeling that there could be some Trophy ‘silverware’ in the offing as his wines had already been awarded medals in the lead up to the night-of-nights, and anyway, it’d be a good opportunity for me to meet his son, Luke, a ‘young gun’ winemaker making his mark on the family business.

Sure enough, that night a Coonawarra riesling bearing Patrick’s name on the label scooped the Trophy as the best riesling in the show. He sent Luke up to the front of the packed ballroom to accept the award because, well, Luke was actually the one who had made the wine and he wanted his son to get the kudos. Yep, even back then this young winemakers’ prodigious talent was on display.

The pride in Luke’s dad’s eyes was there for all to see

The next year Patrick Tocaciu sadly passed away. He is remembered for his generous personality and as an influential winemaker in the history of the Australian wine industry. His legacy and passion live on in the wines he made and the Coonawarra range that he founded. 

Ever since, Luke has immersed himself in the family winemaking business and has juggled the two hats of chief winemaker and company director, and feels honoured to be back home carrying on the family tradition that his dad carved out many years before. 

Six years on… 

He has settled into the role and is extremely excited for what the future may bring. 

“My dad was one of those people, larger than life characters with the ability to instantly connect with people, be it walk into a room and entertain guests, or meet someone sitting next to him on the plane… he just had this way of connecting with people that was really special. …everyone that met him, remembers him. I still run into people that played football against him or met him through the wine industry or even here at the cellar door, they always have very fond memories which is always nice to hear.” – Luke 

Here at Naked Wines we’re incredibly grateful that Luke is crafting his exclusive L.T.D. range of Coonawarra magic for Naked Angels – using every bit of knowledge and experience that was learnt from, and passed on, by his father. All while demonstrating a young gun ability to confidently adapt to new trends and directions.

I know for a fact that Luke loves making you his cool-climate wines and greatly appreciates the Angel funding that allows him to focus on getting his hands dirty in the vineyard and to occasionally get his head out of the winery admin ledgers.

I also know that his Dad would be as proud today of Luke and his many awards and achievements as he was back on that night in 2012.

As I said at the start, to all the dads – happy Father’s Day. It’s a day worth celebrating, and remembering…


Stuey Robinson – Naked Wine Guy


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