53 winemakers & counting: Welcome Nina & Kate!

Published by Tamara Harrison - 13th May 2019

Nina & Kate’s dream has been 15 years in the making!

Back in mid 2012 we launched ourselves into the world of wine with a clear

Naked directive:

“The more Angels there are, the more winemakers we can liberate, the more amazing wines we can create together – simple.”

It’s because of the incredible growth in Naked Angels over the last six-and-a-bit-years that, as of today, we’ve liberated and launched three more extraordinary new winemaker journeys in just the last 2 weeks alone. Woohoo!

We are proud to introduce your 53rd winemaking dreamteam: Trophy award-winning winemakers, Nina Stocker and Kate Day.

Nina & Kate’s careers, and indeed their lives, have been inextricably linked ever since they became lifelong besties while attending winemaking Uni back in Adelaide in 2004.

Separately, independently, award-winningly brilliant

They embarked on globe-travelling wine odysseys that spanned 15 years and took in France, Italy, Napa Valley, Portugal, Marlborough, McLaren Vale, Yarra Valley, Tasmania and Central Victoria to name a glorious few.

Yep, these two have a combined 30 years experience thanks to some of the greatest and most historic winemaking regions on the planet. Boom!

Here’s a couple of bragging rights

Nina, as Chief Winemaker for Catalina Sounds, Crowded House and Nanny Goat in N.Z. scored the prized Air New Zealand Trophy for Best Sauvignon Blanc. Extraordinary!

Kate, when winemaker at the esteemed Willunga-100 winery in McLaren Vale had two of her wines listed as consecutive finalists in the prestigious Jimmy Watson Trophy. Elite!

But, creating a wine label with each other has always been their shared dream.

Strangely, the more experience and knowledge hard earnt over the years by these two super-talented winemakers made their dreams seem further and further out of reach – such is the harsh, brutal, reality of breaking a new label into the Australian wine market. It’s really tough!

Nina and Kate’s lives changed forever the day they knocked on the door of Naked HQ

Within minutes of trying their wines and realising what a truly formidable team these two made, the penny suddenly dropped and the Two Pairs deal was immediately done and dusted.

FACT: these two women make brilliant wines, together!

Nina and Kate are collectively Two Pairs – their supreme reputations certainly precede them, but their wines are right here, right now!

Ok, so why the name Two Pairs? Nina Stocker (real name, Katherine) and Kate Day (real name, Kathryn) are lifelong besties. A chance meeting at Kate’s wedding saw Nina meet and fall in love with the best man – the identical twin brother of Kate’s husband. All clear!? Wowwwww!

Welcome to the Naked family, Nina & Kate.


Mark ‘Poll’ Pollard – Wine Guru