55 years of winemaking experience means this Shiraz has it all…

Published by Mark Pollard - 15th Feb 2018

…Boots & All!

Angels, time really does fly.

Just 5 months ago we introduced Cathy and Neil Howard from Geographe in W.A. as your 43rd liberated Naked winemaker team.

This passionate wife and husband winemaking duo had a compelling backstory

There was the combined 55 years of experience making and growing for luminaries such as Pipers Brook in Tasmania, St Hallet in the Barossa, Evans & Tate in Mildura, Blue Pyrenees and Mount Avoca in Victoria, the iconic Sandalford in Margaret River and… you get the picture.

Impressive stuff!

Then, there was their dream.

To take a leap of faith, to go it alone, find a little plot of soil, grow grapes and make their own wines… their own way. And, to do it all while hand-tending their small vineyard with long-learnt practices that are ecologically sound and socially supportive.

This dynamic duo’s pristine Geographe vineyard is producing the most delectable, textural, quantities of delicious excellence. Yep, they’ve got some of the most esteemed wine critics of Australia lavishing praise. Woohoo!

“We looked at your Naked Wines site and straight away saw you’re all about strong relationships… we are too” – Cathy & Neil

But, it’s one thing to make award-winning wine and another thing entirely to get it to the people who’ll love it.

I remember the day I first got the call from Cathy and Neil asking if they could join the Naked family. I didn’t hesitate and this exclusive-to-Angels, single-vineyard Boots & All agreement was signed, sealed and delivered in record liberating time.

And now, just 5 months down the track, Boots & All is smashin’ it and it’s all because of the Angels who funded it.

How does it taste?

This sensational hand-crafted, basket-pressed, top-shelf Shiraz is matured on French oak for 11 months. Aromas of blueberries, plums and raspberries are beautifully balanced by smooth as silk tannins all with the oh-so-generous flavour complexity of ripe dark berries… ahhh, yummm

If you’re an Angel there is a free bottle of this cracking Shiraz in your basket for the month of February – your reward for making Cathy and Neil’s winemaking dreams a reality.

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