A heart warming story of Angels to the rescue

Published by Nicole Russell - 2nd May 2016

Winemaker Sam Plunkett gave us a call last month with some devastating news…
Husband and wife team Winsome and Snow, growers that Sam has been working with for over 20 years, lost more than 60% of their vineyard to fire in just one afternoon.
The grapes would have been ready to be picked the following week…

That’s 60% of an entire year’s work – months and months of love and care, completely destroyed in a couple of hours.

Now, Sam being Sam… immediately set about helping those around him.
We had a chat with Sam, and decided to pay double what he usually would for the grapes that survived. That may seem extreme, but here’s why it’s not…

This money upfront is enough to get Sam’s mates back on their feet and continuing to produce delicious grapes for years to come.
“A ‘blessing from your Angels’ such as this would really help our close knit family here at Baddaginnie Run to get back on our feet” – Winsome and Snow.

You see, Sam has a big heart, and believes in supporting his local community – this has payback, because in return, Sam gains access to the very best local growers and their grapes for an excellent price, often below what they would get on the open market.
Sam turns these grapes into delicious wines for you, the Angels that stepped in to help out a family in need.

Sam’s going to bottle a special wine from these grapes which you will have exclusive access to early next year…
Stay tuned…


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