2 MINUTES WITH: Rob Paulazzo from R. Paulazzo

Published by Tamara Harrison - 26th Nov 2018

Winemaker Rob Paulazzo was born and bred in the NSW Riverina, but has been everywhere a winemaker could want to go: Burgundy, Tuscany, Napa Valley, Niagara Peninsula and even the magical Marlborough. But the place we were most excited for him to go, is Naked Wines HQ at Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. He dropped by to say g’day and give the Naked team a try of his amazing drops of Durif, Rose & Botrytis. They were….delicious!

We snuck away from the office with Rob for a few minutes to find out:

  • Where’s his favourite wine region? [besides The Riverina, of course!]
  • What’s been the highlight of his winemaking career? [er….we love this answer ❤️]
  • What this winemaking rockstar would do if he wasn’t a winemaker? [Hint: We just told you the answer.]
  • Any tips for Naked Angels? [this one’s a goody]
  • What’s on top of the bucket list for 2019? [oh stop – you’re making us jealous!]

Thanks for chatting with us, Rob!



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