2 MINUTES WITH: Randal Tomich from RT

Published by Tamara Harrison - 20th Jun 2019

Adelaide Hills winemaker Randal Tomich from RT produces family farmed, hand picked, boutique quantities of wine, and it’s all thanks to Angel backing!

Randal has a clear passion for his family made wines. His approach to winemaking is one of love, understanding of the land, sustainability, and harmony amongst nature. His pristine single vineyard wines are his pride and joy.

Randal recently popped into Naked HQ for a spontaneous wine tasting of his delicious new drops. While he was here we showed him around Manly and chatted with him about all things wine. Take a listen to find out:

  • The meaning behind his wine label (It’s all about family with Randal!)
  • His favourite wine to drink
  • A wine tip for Angels drinking his wine (Perfect if you’re looking for something refreshing)
  • What made him want to become a winemaker


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