2 MINUTES WITH: Jen Pfeiffer

Published by Tamara Harrison - 30th Jan 2019

Winemaker Jen Pfeiffer from Rutherglen VIC visited Naked HQ at Manly Beach for some top secret business. While she was here, Naked Crew India, Carina, and Bianca took her out for Mexican so she had something to ‘taco’ about when she headed home to her vineyard.

Watch to find out:

  • The craziest thing she’s done! (Jen the cheeky rebel!)
  • Her most interesting Angel experience.                
  • What Jen is an absolute fanatic about. (Who would have guessed…)
  • Her ‘hot tip’ for Naked Angels.
  • Jen’s New Year’s resolution.

Thanks for the chat, Jen, and for joining us for #TacoTuesday!

Keep an eye out for a special (and very considerate!) appearance from Naked HQ’s Jack around the 1m20s mark 😂


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