Episode 3: Sam Plunkett

Published by Bianca Wilshin - 18th Mar 2019

With close to 1000 Show medals to his name, winemaker Sam Plunkett is one of the most awarded winemakers in Australia. Multiple Best Wine of Show Trophies include winning the Great Australian Shiraz Challenge in 2010 with the 2008 release of Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch. In this episode you’ll hear how before, during and after that time proved to be the most uplifting but almost the most challenging of times for Sam and his family and led one writer to opine “...Sam Plunkett and partner Bron Dunwoodie have changed shells as often as a lively hermit crab“.

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[VIDEO] TWO MINUTES WITH SAM PLUNKETT: A quick video where Sam explains his most challenging winemaking experience, the biggest struggle he faces as a winemaker and how he winds down in his spare time.

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